Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning is an essential service to maintain the long-term health and beauty of your trees. When you schedule a consultation, our certified arborists will visit your property to create a customized plan that includes necessary services such as tree trimming – to remove branches that may be overhanging or hazardous, and tree pruning– to polish the tree’s aesthetic and optimize your tree’s health. 

Our goal is to help your trees develop the proper structure as they grow, keeping limb-falling damage to a minimum while promoting strong, sustainable growth of a beautiful tree. 

The Importance of Tree Trimming and Pruning 

Tree trimming and pruning is a wonderful maintenance service for your trees, but it also is a practical service that can prevent unsafe tree incidents. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Remove hazardous or dead branches
  • Keep branches away from homes and power lines
  • Decrease your risk of catastrophic storm damage
  • Identify areas of the tree that are potentially hazardous to you or your neighbors. 

Trimming and pruning helps your trees develop in the healthiest manner possible, so they look beautiful and remain viable for the long-term. 

Tree Pruning Experts: Licensed, Insured and Ready to Help 

At Renstrom Tree Services, we offer a free consultation with our certified arborists who can develop an individualized care plan for your property.  At your convenience, we will walk your property to inspect your trees, identifying any areas of concerns or opportunities to help your trees’ health. You are welcome to walk with us, so we can explain what we see. 

We provide detailed estimates with well-defined services and want you to understand the specific recommendations we make. Ask all the questions you like! We love talking about trees. 

Here are some pruning terms we may discuss, that can help you understand our estimates:

  • Crown Thinning: Removing a portion of outer, smaller branches for evenly spaced branch structure 
  • Crown Lifting: Removal of lower branches to give clearance above ground level 
  • Crown Reduction: A reduction in height or spread of the crown to reduce mechanical stress or effects of shading and light loss 
  • Fine Pruning: Removal of small to large dead branches and stubs. 
  • Crown Cleaning: Removal of large stubs greater than 2 inches in diameter
  • Hazard Branch Pruning: Treating a branch that endangers people pr property 
  • Clearance Branch Pruning: Removing branches that interfere with power lines, a structure or a view. 

We may also recommend subordination pruning to create good structural balance and co-dominant pruning, when branches or trunks are growing out of the same area. We treat crossing and stacked branches that may be rubbing together or growing directly above each other. We strive to eliminate areas of stress in the tree and minimize risk of tree damage. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning Experts in Minnesota 

Every recommendation we make is based on the long-term health and safety of your trees. We identify areas of risk and treat them before they become a nuisance or incident. Because every trimming and pruning cut inflicts a wound on the tree, it is important to hire an expert who knows the ideal size, angle and position of cuts to nurture the tree’s long-term growth. 

At Renstrom Tree Services, we understand tree trimming and pruning is an art and a science – and we get it right. We provide the efficient expertise you need to ensure healthier, safer trees for years to come

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