Live in St. Paul? Get These Tree Services from Renstrom

Mature, healthy trees make yards beautiful. They also create flourishing habitats for a variety of wildlife. However, trees need certain types of care to maintain their beauty and promote continued growth. 

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So, if you’re in need of tree trimming services near St. Paul, Renstrom has got you covered. We offer removal, trimming, pruning, stump removal and grinding. You can also count on us for prompt emergency services if you’ve got a downed tree from a storm or other mishap. 

Renstrom’s skilled arborists and technicians have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Contact us today for a free estimate if you need tree trimming and related services for your property in St. Paul.

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St. Paul Tree Trimming Services 

Ongoing tree care is essential for a tree’s health and continued growth. Plus, well-maintained trees also go a long way toward maintaining property values and increasing curb appeal. 

When you contact Renstrom for a free estimate, the first thing we do is conduct an on-site, thorough evaluation of your tree’s health and your goals. Below are the specific types of tree services we offer St. Paul residents. 

Free Estimate and Diagnosis 

It’s impossible to complete an excellent trimming and pruning job if we don’t have a good picture of the tree’s current health and your goals. So, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough diagnosis on the health status of the tree and what’s required to maintain or improve it. Then, we’ll align our findings with a plan that meets your goals and addresses your concerns. 

We won’t make any cuts to the tree without your support and understanding of the action plan. 

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Tree Trimming and Pruning 

A well-trimmed and pruned tree is a healthy and beautiful tree. Overgrown, crossed branches, and diseased branches promote mold and mildew and risk damaging other structures on the property. Our premier Trimming and Pruning Service will keep your valuable trees flourishing while protecting other structures from overgrowth problems. 

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Tree Removal 

A dead or diseased tree risks people’s safety. It’s also an eyesore and certain diseases can infect other trees. Removing a problem tree is essential for maintaining property values and protecting the health and safety of people and other plants. 

When you contact us for tree trimming near St. Paul, we’ll quickly send a team of skilled arborists and specialized equipment to your property so we can efficiently remove a dead or diseased tree. 

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Emergency Services 

Storms and accidents often result in tree-related property damage. For our St. Paul customers, we offer reliable and fast Emergency Tree Services. With this service, we’ll remove downed trees and branches, and clean up all the debris they’ve left behind. 

“This is the second service that we contracted with Gus. Both times he and the team went over and above what was expected …Call Renstrom Tree Service to receive fair and honest work for your trees.” -Patrick B.

“Very professional and hard working. Task oriented. Friendly, nice and polite. Great job on the trees and clean up. We chose the right tree guys! We would recommend them every time.” -Judy R.

“Everything about this experience was well done. Gus gave me a fair quote for the two trees I needed taken down on my property. The team was professional, punctual, and insightful regarding the entire process.” -Susanne D.