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We Make Tree Care Simple

Tree care does not need to be complicated. But it needs to be comprehensive. Think about this: One small seed produces a massive tree with a complex network of roots, a colossal trunk, and leaf-bearing branches that work together to supply oxygen, offer elemental protection, and provide a home for surrounding wildlife. All of that from one seed.  But without proper care and nurturance, all of that can be quickly wiped away.  At RTS, our mission is simple: Whenever possible, maintain the integrity of what one seed has produced, in a manner that ensures the safety of others and of the betterment of the ecosystem. Tree care is essential to the life of the tree, and we believe in simple, effective strategies for trees. Our customers are partners in the process. We provide on-site estimates that include education on the tree’s health, targeted intervention strategies for the tree(s) and discussion about the necessary equipment for the job. The total price for the job is dependent on the complexity of the problem and the level of intervention needed to solve it, but we talk through the process in detail. Questions are always welcome. 


Go Along With Nature

Free Consultation & Diagnosis

We will schedule a time to visit your property to assess the tree and discuss any issues of concern. For trimming services, we will create a strategy that protects the health of the tree as much as possible. In cases of complete tree removal, safety and efficiency are top priority. We use best practices, dynamic cuts and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done in a safe manner that preserves our customer’s property. Nothing happens until we develop an action plan that our customer understands and supports.

Tree Removal

Trimming and pruning are the cornerstones of ongoing tree care. Trimming treats overgrown branches, especially if they are growing over household structures. Pruning helps trees grow more healthily by removing dead or crossing branches. Together, trimming and pruning keep the tree flourishing, aesthetically beautiful, and a safe haven in the yard and for the homeowner.

Trimming & Pruning

When a tree has died or becomes dangerous to a property or people, the tree may need to be removed. In these cases, safe and efficient removal is absolutely key. We deploy highly-trained arborists and top tier equipment to every job. Removing a tree can be hazardous, and no tree removal should be attempted without an expert tree service. Our customers know that their tree removal will be carefully planned, safely executed, and efficient- every step of the way.

Emergency Services

When accidents, heavy storms, or any unexpected tree-related incident occurs, we provide emergency services to mitigate damages and offer solutions. If a tree has fallen or snapped on or near your home, call us and we can handle removal and cleanup as quickly as possible. Our experts have promptly handled many difficult situations with efficiency and expertise. We are here to help.

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"This is the second service that we contracted with Gus. Both times he and the team went over and above what was expected ...Call Renstrom Tree Service to receive fair and honest work for your trees."
Patrick B.
RTS Customer
"Very professional and hard working. Task oriented. Friendly, nice and polite. Great job on the trees and clean up. We chose the right tree guys! We would recommend them every time."
Judy R.
RTS Customer
"Everything about this experience was well done. Gus gave me a fair quote for the two trees I needed taken down on my property. The team was professional, punctual, and insightful regarding the entire process."
Susanne D.
RTS Customer

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