Emergency Storm Tree Service

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When a storm hits, the need for an emergency tree service can be immediate and critical.

In Minneapolis, high winds and heavy rain can lead to fallen trees, damaged branches hanging dangerously close to power lines nearby or even uprooted tree roots – all posing serious threats.

This is where professional tree care services come in handy. They respond promptly to emergency removal needs, mitigate further property damage from broken trees and help restore your landscape post-storm.

Studies show, that certain tree species are more prone to storm damage than others. It is essential not just for safety but also to protect the wellbeing of other trees on your property.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how our emergency tree removal services work during such crises and explore options available for treating sick or diseased trees after severe weather conditions. Stay tuned!

Responding to Storm Damage Emergencies

When a hazardous or storm-damaged tree decides it’s had enough and topples over, you need an expert who can respond faster than a squirrel on caffeine. That’s where we come in.

Rapid Response to Fallen Trees After Storms

We’re like the superheroes of the tree world – our crew is always ready for action when disaster strikes. We don’t just show up; we arrive with all guns blazing, ready to tackle any emergency situation head-on.

If your property has been victimized by fallen trees after storms, consider us your go-to emergency tree service.

Mitigating Further Property Damage from Broken Trees

The aftermath of a storm isn’t pretty – broken branches everywhere, trees leaning dangerously close to power lines – it’s chaos. But fear not: our team knows how to handle this madness.

We’ll swoop in and remove those problematic trees before they cause more damage. Our goal? To protect your property while making sure that pesky downed wood doesn’t turn into another catastrophe waiting to happen.

Disease & Sick Tree Treatment Options

Storms have a nasty habit of revealing underlying health issues in trees. Like an uninvited houseguest exposing family secrets at Thanksgiving dinner.

We know what signs indicate disease or weakness in storm-damaged trees – unusual leaf discoloration, growths on bark, sudden dieback…you name it.

Once identified, these sickly specimens are treated with utmost care using proven methods for recovery. Whether through pruning diseased limbs or applying specific treatments based on the type of ailment diagnosed, our experts will nurse them back towards health so they can stand tall once again amidst Minnesota’s beautiful landscape.

Remember folks – when Mother Nature throws her worst at you, Renstrom Tree Service is here for all your post-storm cleanup needs.

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Post-Storm Clean-up Services

Once the storm has cleared, it’s time to take action and start the clean-up process. The aftermath of a storm often leaves behind a mess that needs immediate attention.

Removing Problematic Trees Post-Storm

Your property may now resemble a war zone with fallen trees and scattered limbs. But fear not. Our expert tree service team is ready to jump into action, removing these problematic remnants swiftly and safely.

We don’t just chop off branches haphazardly; we do it methodically, ensuring no further damage comes upon your property or nearby utility lines.

The key here is promptness – waiting around could lead to more problems like decay or disease spread. So pick up that phone ASAP.

Restoring Your Property’s Landscape After Severe Weather

Beyond removals, our job extends towards restoring the beauty of your landscape post-storm. We believe in leaving things better than we found them – even if what we found was utter chaos caused by Mother Nature herself.

We will clear away all traces of storm damage from your property so you can go back to enjoying the beautiful weather Minnesota offers without any unsightly reminders of the recent tempestuous events.

In addition, our team can provide recommendations for new plantings where old trees once stood. This way, you’re not just eliminating potential hazards but also enhancing the beauty of your outside area. Here’s a handy guide on how best to replace those lost giants.

We understand dealing with such situations can be overwhelming for homeowners, which is why Renstrom Tree Service takes pride in offering comprehensive post-storm clean-up services that leave nothing unattended.

We understand how much you love your trees (we do too.), which is why our team works tirelessly to ensure every sick or diseased tree gets a fighting chance.


When it comes to emergency tree service in Minneapolis, MN, we’ve got your back.

We understand the urgency and danger of fallen or damaged trees after a storm.

Our team is trained and equipped to respond rapidly, efficiently removing fallen trees and preventing further property damage.

Need post-storm clean-up? We’ve got you covered.

If you spot signs of disease in storm-damaged trees, our experts can help with treatment options.

By identifying the signs early and taking appropriate measures, we strive to save as many sick trees as possible.

Trust us for all your emergency tree service needs in Minneapolis.

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